Tani by Minetani Where the Past Present and the Future Coexists

Tani by Minetani is a unique jewelry brand whose designs are appreciated by a multi-generational clientele. Such phenomenon supports the spirit of our brand, which represents women who are trendy yet classic, and glamorous- women who do not wish to go with the status quo but seek to find one of a kind pieces that stand the test of time. The two-generation team carefully curates the entire creation process to ensure that all designs are timeless yet chic at the same time and express the luxurious look of fine jewelry.

The haute couture fine jewelry line of Minetani is created seasonally with the careful insight of the trend savvy designer. Each piece is designed to be one of a kind, taking into consideration each stone’s unique shape and color as well as its overall aesthetics.

Tani by Minetani is cautiously created with Minetani’s basic design foundation, intended to target a wider audience with Swarovski crystals and gold and silver plates. In 2009, Minetani was invited by Swarovski to design a showpiece for their wedding collection. This collaboration led to the eventual Tani collection, which integrates Swarovski crystals in fine jewelry design methods creating affordable yet luxurious jewelry pieces. As in Minetani’s fine jewelry line, all crystals and metals are hand finished to achieve an haute couture look.
Sun Young Kim

Design Director Sun Young Kim is the 2nd generation designer and the main designer of the Tani by Minetani jewelry.

She continuously seeks to find new materials and textures in addition to the Swarovski crystals in order to illustrate the spirit of the modern energetic women.

Furthermore, she continues to show her talent by collaborating with international brands such as UGG, MCM and well-known multi-label stores like The Boon the Shop, and 10 Corso Como.

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